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Quantum Computing Comics | Quantum Computing Weekly #12

Quantum Computing Comics | Quantum Computing Weekly #12
By Jesper Thomschutz • Issue #12 • View online
👋 Hi folks!
So last year I mentioned that we’d have another quantum computing expert interview this month, but sadly this has been postponed a bit and should appear in an issue in February instead - sorry about that!
News has been largely dominated by IBM’s Q System One launch, but I’ve included various (mostly) unrelated articles just to switch it up a bit!
Looking for a particular area of quantum computing you’d like to see covered in the next issue? Ping me and let me know!

EPiQC has recently launched a series of zines (read: informational comics) all about quantum computing! Check them out here.
Yale quantum computing startup Quantum Circuits Inc. opens lab in New Haven
Battling AI algorithm tested on a quantum computer for first time
Airbus Gets Aerodynamic With Quantum Computing
Interdisciplinary UA researchers get tangled up in quantum computing
Q&A: The talent shortage in quantum computing
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Jesper Thomschutz

👋 Hi folks and welcome to Quantum Computing Weekly!

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First off, let me get this out of the way: I'm not a quantum computing expert - not a Ph.D. in anything - just a humble legacy-computer programmer with a passion to learn more about the world of quantum computing.

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