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The father of Quantum Mechanics | Quantum Computing Weekly #5

The father of Quantum Mechanics | Quantum Computing Weekly #5
By Jesper Thomschutz • Issue #5 • View online
👋 Bonjour and welcome to issue #5!
First off, I’d like to share with you a link that a friend of mine shared on Twitter that I found quite interesting - a great article about the “father of quantum mechanics” Niels Bohr.
I’m on the lookout for a good book to gift people who are interested in getting started with quantum computing. Got a tip or may just looking for a particular area of quantum computing you’d like to see covered in the next issue? Ping me and let me know!

Tiny Fact of the week
In classical computing we have logic gates like AND, OR, and NOT - but in quantum computers things work a bit differently and entirely new gates had to be created. For example, one analogue of a classical NOT gate would be the “Pauli-X gate”, a gate which rotates the qubit (bloch sphere) around the X-axis by 180 degrees. As usual, Wikipedia has a terrific article summarizing the most notable gates.
Earlier this year NASA/USRA hosted the 2018 Adiabatic Quantum Computing Conference, featuring talks on cutting edge tech around quantum computing. Although this stuff is way over my head, I still think it’s super interesting, and you can watch the talks online for free here.
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