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The quantum bogeyman | Quantum Computing Weekly #8

The quantum bogeyman | Quantum Computing Weekly #8
By Jesper Thomschutz • Issue #8 • View online
👋 Hello and happy Tuesday to you!
This will be the final issue for 2018 as I’ll be trying to disconnect a bit these next two weeks and enjoy some time with the family. To compensate for this, I’ve included a double dose of news coverage to hold you over. Interestingly, it seems that safety and security implications of quantum computing are particularly buzz-worthy recently. US intelligence agencies have even gone so far as to list quantum computing as an “emerging threat” to national security! (full details in the news section below)
Looking for a particular area of quantum computing you’d like to see covered in the next issue? Ping me and let me know!

Tiny Fact of the week
We talked about Shor’s algorithm last week, and this week we’ll look at another algorithm which is perhaps just as famous: Grover’s algorithm:
Classically, searching an unsorted database requires a linear search, which is O(N) in time. Grover’s algorithm, which takes O(N1/2) time, is the fastest possible quantum algorithm for searching an unsorted database. It provides “only” a quadratic speedup, unlike other quantum algorithms, which can provide exponential speedup over their classical counterparts. However, even quadratic speedup is considerable when N is large. (source: Quantiki)
Last week we talked a bit about Shor’s algorithm, and this week we’ve got a great video by one of my favorite youtube shows, Infinite Series, covering exactly that topic. Watch and enjoy!
Hacking at Quantum Speed with Shor's Algorithm | Infinite Series
Hacking at Quantum Speed with Shor's Algorithm | Infinite Series
US intelligence community says quantum computing and AI pose an ’emerging threat’ to national security
Quantum Computing Needs You to Help Solve Its Core Mystery
A new type of quantum computer has smashed every record
Quantum Computers Threaten the Web's Security. The World Must Act Now.
5 Intractable Problems Quantum Computing Will Solve
Craig Wright on the (non)viability of quantum computing attacks
It's Time to Plan for How Quantum Computing Could Go Wrong, Say Entrepreneurs and Physicists
Copper compound as promising quantum computing unit
Practical quantum computers remain at least a decade away
Quantum chemical calculations on quantum computers
Imperfections make photons perfect for quantum computing
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