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What's Shor's Algorithm? | Quantum Computing Weekly #7

What's Shor's Algorithm? | Quantum Computing Weekly #7
By Jesper Thomschutz • Issue #7 • View online
👋 Hi there, and thank you for taking a look at lucky issue #7!
Last week we had a great profile on Anastasia Marchenkova, and I highly recommend checking it out if you missed it, and I’m excited to say that we already have a new guest lined up for January! 🎉
Looking for a particular area of quantum computing you’d like to see covered in the next issue? Ping me and let me know!

Tiny Fact of the week
What’s this Shor’s algorithm thing I keep on hearing about? In short, it’s a quantum algorithm which is able to answer a very computationally difficult question relatively quickly:
Given a number N, what are its prime factors?
Why is this important? Well, it just so happens to be that this (or variants of this) problem is what makes most modern day cryptography that’s used in computers and on the internet work - it’s simply too computationally expensive to calculate, so things stay secure! However, Shor’s algorithm is nearly exponentially faster at solving the problem than what classical computers are capable of today, so now people are starting to dig into the domain of post-quantum cryptography to counter it so that things can remain secure in the future.
This subject is very interesting area, and here’s a few additional resources to check out:
A blog post by Anastasia where she talks about Shor’s algo and its impact on cryptography <- Worth clicking for the “Too much math; didn’t read” at the top alone, though do read the rest as well!
  • We also had a link to a great PBS intro to quantum computing, and now it seems like even Google has joined the party and started a quantum computing series - check it out here.
Last week we had a link to a great PBS intro to the math of quantum computing, and now it seems like even Google has joined the party and started a quantum computing series called Quantum Casts with a focus on AI - check out one of their first videos that was very recently released:
New optical device brings quantum computing a step closer
Is the U.S. Lagging in the Quest for Quantum Computing?
Quantum computer control system launched in east China
Harnessing the power of 'spin orbit' coupling in silicon: Scaling up quantum computation
Quantum Computers Are Making Classical Ones Faster, Here's How
How developments in Quantum Computing could affect cryptocurrencies
Quantum computers pose a security threat that we’re still totally unprepared for
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